We believe in South African people’s soul and passionate nature during changing times, and to partake in creating stability for you and future generations.

In order to achieve what we believe in, we provide holistic solutions from one source, by specialists in their respective disciplines. Together we inspire to build, protect, grow and embrace your objectives, as if it is our own.

We have the following expertise in designing innovative solutions to achieve your objectives:


The Taxlex Group is a multi disciplined professional practice providing companies and their employees with a wide spectrum of services and solutions to address their Tax, Payroll, Fiduciary, Accounting, Employee Benefits and Financial needs.

The practice was incorporated in 1996 and today we have a national footprint.

Our head offices are situated in Pretoria, very near SARS head office in Brooklyn.

The secret of our success lies in the relationship we form with our clients, based on our business approach of: “Adding value through problem solving”: Only where the client gains by our inputs, do we succeed professionally.

Our client profile varies from sole proprietors to listed companies.


Taxlex Group consists of 4 divisions providing services briefly being the following:

Financial Services

  • Retirement Fund Solutions (tailor made to meet our client’s requirements, utilizing niche funds and services specifically developed for our clients);
  • Group Life & Disability Solutions;
  • Personal Financial Portfolio analysis (locally and offshore);
  • Banking solutions; Section 12J of Income Tax Act Solutions.
  • Systems management and accounting.

Tax and Accounting Services

  • Tax consulting – Corporates, individuals, Trusts, SME’S, etc.;
  • Tax compliance services;
  • Accounting and Audit services;
  • Specialized Tax Dispute Resolution Services.

Fiduciary and Consulting Services

  • Estate and Trust Planning services;
  • Administration of Deceased Estates;
  • General Fiduciary Services;
  • Independent trustee / Trust administration services;
  • Black Economic Empowerment. Structuring and implementation thereof.
  • Legal Services – i.e. Drafting and finalizing commercial contracts and agreements.
  • B-BBEE compliance through Section 12J fund.
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development spent.
  • Black Ownership Equivalence.

Payroll Services

  • Payroll Consulting, Management, and Administration which includes, outsourcing of SA and Sub-Saharan Africa payroll services and Ex-Pat consulting payroll services.
  • Payroll Audits


Regarding advice and confidentiality of information.

Regarding our activities and costs.

Best advice
Advice is always tested against current legislation and practises permitted by Inland Revenue. Future tendencies are also anticipated in order to pro-actively advise thereon.

Advice should always be user friendly
Cost efficient to employer and employee.

Holistic Problem Solving
The client, company, its directors and employees should gain from our advice.

Service Levels
Consistency and professionalism remains the key to our success.

Social and Economic Assistance
Employees are the key to success of any business. We strive to provide our client’s employees and relatives with social and financial security via the broad spectrum of services and solutions which we provide.


We believe that our success can be attributed to consistency of service levels and the comprehensive services which our professional team provides. It provides clients with a holistic solution from one source, by experts in their respective disciplines.

Our approach is to via our solutions provide the client’s employees with social, financial and economic assistance in order to advance the relationship between themselves and their employer.



Tel: +27 (0) 12 346 6333

Fax: +27 (0) 12 346 1633

Address: Unit 8, Waterkloof Forum, 374 Milner Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria, South Africa

Postal Address: Private Bag X09, Brooklyn Square, 0075

Email: info@taxlex.co.za